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How To Give Your Kids A Lift offers groundbreaking tools for the battle against suicide.

  • Provides suicide risk factors and warning signs
  • Uses stories as problem-solving tools
  • Teaches you to create colorful compliments using the POPS formula
  • Helps people fight the darkness in their lives
I don’t know how many times I’ve heard, “we never saw this coming.” Suicide is a top 10 killer in America and #3 among our youth. This book offers a combination of actionable strategies taught through storytelling that will help reduce the number of deaths around the world. Daryl Hill, www.TheTruthAboutPTSD.net

As a family doctor, I understand the importance of eating right, exercising and maintaining high energy. People who end their lives have lost this vital energy. We, as parents and guardians, need to teach our children how to be disciplined enough to maintain a joyous and energetic existence that will keep that kind of thinking and feeling at bay. I can say without a doubt that people – especially children – need to learn to live outside themselves. They need to move into the light of life and stay there. How to Giving Your Kids A Lift shows you how to do this. I recommend it whole-heartedly.

Dr. Vera Carlson

Marlene is a fantastic advocate for children and not only teaches true principles but lives them. She delights children with her creative energy and they love to be near her. It is a great gift to have this book and learn from her wisdom, born of years of experience bringing joy to children and empowering youth and parents. Andria Wood, Andria is our Relief Society President. She is a mother of 6. A talented pianist, a counselor or a vision coach and a pilot.

Sitting here, watching the sun glistening through the early fall leaves of the trees and listening to the birds early morning concert, I suddenly remembered the same scenery from two weeks ago, where I did not realize that the sun had sent its rays or that the birds were singing. Two weeks ago, a dark cloud had settled over my world, and inside of me there was no hope, just doom.

Was to put an end to my life the only way out? And how would I do it? A happy melody interrupted my thoughts (it was my phone ringtone), and I decided to give it a try and see if the person on the other end of the line would change my mind about life.

“Krista,” it was my friend Marlene, upbeat as always. “If you want to, I can bring you my book and you can read it.”

I knew that my friend had been working on a book, titled How to Give Your Kids A Lift. But should I read it right now? My kids were grown up and out of the house. What good would it do me?

“Sure,” I answered. “Bring it over. I should be home in about ten minutes.”
Little did I know that this book would change my outlook on life. Page by page I read through it, thinking about it, contemplating it. When I turned to the last page it was clear to me that this book is written for everyone, with children or without.
Since I read this book I have been a more positive and happier person.
This book is well written and very clear in its teachings.
Marlene Harper has created a work for everyone and for generations to come.

Krista Sieger, Author of Asa-Birdie.com, Against Hope and Poems from the Heart

Marlene Harper has used her amazing talents and skills on the taboo subject of suicide, now at all time epidemic levels, to help teens/children improve their mental and emotional health. What parent wouldn’t want to prevent the tragedy that child/teen suicide leaves our society with. The bonus is that the Parent/Caregiver can also benefit from the books, tools and tips. Well done Marlene for tackling this massively misunderstood topic and developing these amazing tools for the rest of the world. Fiona Tellesson, Australian Genealogist and author

In recent years, I’ve noticed that families and extended families are becoming more and more dispersed. As I look at my own family, we no longer have the human connections with one another that we had a generation ago. I have a brother that lives in one state, a sister that lives in another, and nieces and nephews that are scattered throughout the United States. All three of my children live outside the United States.

Today, we have social media; however, social media is no substitute for one on one, face to face human interaction. I believe these factors are contributing to the increasing suicide rate. Everyone has an innate human need to feel loved and wanted. We cannot live in isolation. We all need to do more to reach out to others, especially our military service members who have sacrificed so much for us. As a former military officer, I know what the horrors of war can do to someone.

Marlene Harper’s new book, How to Give Your Kids A Lift is a timely discourse on how to overcome depression and suicidal thoughts. I recommend it to anyone with children or families that live a distance.

Howard Curth, EA, Licensed to Practice before the IRS

How to Give Your Kids A Lift

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